St Radegunds Church    
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Government advice re Coronavirus

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Welcome to Maplebeck in these testing times.

We wish to thank all the NHS and Services personnel for their dedication and fortitude.

Thank you all who are working to keep the nation safe and supported by supermarkets and small retail/food businesses.

In fact everyone who is going to work and keeping the nation supplied with goods, services and information.

We salute you....

Should you need a 'feel good' boost follow this link......for live cams


May you all stay safe.

All those who are not required to work please stay at home, you will be saving lives that way.

Maplebeck is situated in the rolling countryside of the Dukeries, in mid-Nottinghamshire. Population figures as of 2001 census was 74, in 2013 with additional housing and barn conversions, the village now numbers some 96 inhabitants.

Maplebeck is small but beautiful, with large mature trees overhanging the lanes and ancient hedge rows.

We have a Church, Public House, and a NEW Village Hall, a redundant telephone box newly fitted with a defibrillator, a bus shelter, a post box in a wall that the Posty has to empty on bended knee!
Maplebeck post box situated in a boundary wall

A large Village Green in front of the 13th Century Church which is dedicated to
St Radegund

St Radegund Church stretching up from the village green.

Each year we hold a Village Garden Fete this year it was held on 22nd June 2019 in an idyllic setting which is in quintessentially, an English country garden.

There are two workshops nestling behind the houses on the lower part of the main street towards Caunton. These are accessed through a farm gate and track .

We only have one road which is named - Church Lane which is a cul-de-sac.

In November 2016 we had a Defibrillator installed in the redundant phone box on the village green, Thanks to the valiant efforts of hardy cyclists who raised the money for it by a coast to coast charity bike ride . Money was also raised by very generous donations from local residents and a British Heart Foundation Grant and funding from the John Sudbury Charity. The phone box was refurbished completely by local volunteers and now gleams with fresh red paint, which had been donated by a local firm. Many thanks are due to all concerned in establishing this life saving facility.

The Annual Parish

There will be no meeting this year.

Meeting 2019
was held on
Monday 8th April .
Past years Minutes..

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