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Film shows for children in 2017

We also show films for children on Sunday afternoons at 3.00pm and these are free. So bring the children or grandchildren along.

Film shows for adults in 2017-18

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Terms and conditions

If you turn up on the night the charge is £5; but if you want to splash out, you can see all ten for only £35.
£5 (Free under 18) Call Derek on 01636 636421 or
Programme Dates and Synopses
(Several appear in the recent BBC 100 best films in the 21st Century)

All screenings are held at the Village Hall in Maplebeck, which is diagonally opposite the Church on the main street, a banner is displayed at the front of the building.

You do not have to book a to see the films - just turn up - we will be pleased to see you.

Terms and conditions.
- All films are advertised and subject to adverse weather conditions. If there is a power cut or anything untoward that may prevent a screening then the Village Hall in Maplebeck Management Committee will do all in their power to rectify the situation, BUT they will not be liable for any loss, for example: travel costs or inconvenience incurred.
If in doubt please call 01636 636421 to confirm.

Maplebeck Film Selection          2017-18 Season

Thursday 2nd November
     Northanger Abbey
An Andrew Davies screenplay and a cast including Felicity Jones, Carey Mulligan and William Beck ensure that this adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel is a triumph. A young woman’s penchant for sensational Gothic novels feeds her imagination and leads to misunderstandings in matters of the heart.
Thursday 7th December
This is a grown up take on teenage pregnancy and Ellen Page delivers a wonderfully convincing performance as the sassy, clever teenager who finds herself “with child”. Having decided against abortion, she embarks on a search for the perfect adoptive couple. Despite her quick wit, the film smartly reveals that she is as anxious and confused as any girl in this position would be.
Tuesday 23rd January 2018
     Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy
This is an excellent two-hour period adaptation of John Le Carre’s cold war spy novel. It features great performances from Gary Oldman (George Smiley), who is brought back after the death of a colleague (John Hurt).
Thursday 22nd February
     Three Colours Red
This concluding part of Krzysztof Kieslowski’s award winning tricolour trilogy is gloriously shot on location in Geneva and the film’s use of colour and sound is unparalleled in 1990’s cinema. The intricate plot links model (Irene Jacob) with snooping judge (Jean-Louis Trintignant) and is spellbinding.
Tuesday 27th March
     Hell or High Water
This is a fantastic rustic thriller, invoking the spirit of the Coen Brothers, in a story of desperate men in desperate times. Set firmly in the shadow of the financial collapse of 2008, it sees two redneck brothers teaming up to rob a series of banks in Texas. Jeff Bridges is brilliant as the Sherriff on their tail.

Thursday 19th April 2018
In 1996 British historian David Irving (Timothy Spall) sued US academic Deborah Lipstadt (Rachel Weisz), claiming she had libeled him by calling him a Holocaust denier. UK law required that Lipstadt prove that the Holocaust did happen. This is a gripping account of gathering the evidence and of the court case that followed in the Old Bailey.
Tuesday 22nd May
     Manchester by the Sea
An irritable Boston handyman gets a call to return home to Manchester by the Sea, Mass., where his brother has died and he is named as the guardian of his sixteen year old nephew. His return to the past opens an unspeakable tragedy, which led to his marriage break-up. Stunning performances by Casey Afflick and Michelle Williams.
Thursday 22nd June
Warren Beatty’s award-winning tour de force chronicles the Russian Revolution through the true story of the American journalist John Reed, who wrote Ten Days that Shook the World. Reed’s (Beatty) on-off love affair with a left-wing activist, Louise Bryant (Diane Keaton), is the backdrop to the real events as they unfolded in Russia, recalled on screen by their contemporaries. Simply brilliant.
Tuesday 24th July
Adapted from the novel by Colm Toibin this is the beautifully told story of a young Irish woman, in the austere 1950’s, Dispatched to a church-funded job in New York. She is torn between two worlds and two loves. The film breaks no new territory, but it is a hugely likable piece of old fashioned entertainment.
Thursday 28th September
     Tell No One
A masterful adaptation of Harlan Coben’s bestselling novel. Set in Paris it stars Francois Cluzet, whose life is shattered by the murder of his wife. Eight years later he becomes the chief suspect when fresh clues about her death emerge, just as he receives an email suggesting that she’s actually alive and in trouble.

Posted 10 August 2017. DVS

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