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During the year we endeavour to bring live performances of all varieties - plays- music- talks - unless otherwise stated all are held in The Village Hall in Maplebeck.
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SPECIALS- from September 2018 all events will be found on our Facebook page


3rd December at 6pm

Wind in the willows

Tickets £8 Adults and   £6  Age 5-16 years old and under;    
Tel 01636 636421 / 636185

"Just two human performers are joined on stage by a dozen colourful handmade puppets and a lovely set with a lovely vintage trunk revealing strange contraptions as if by magic.

What's clever about this show is where the human performers finish and the puppets begin - not only are the performers very skilled puppeteers and story tellers, but both humans and non humans are in clever costumes that look like parts of them have been skilfully constructed from the pages of books.

The story is adapted from Kenneth Grahame’s evergreen tale, following the peaceful pleasures of Ratty’s beloved river bank to the fearful frights and wicked weasels of the Wild Wood.

The characters of Mole and Ratty on their marvellous adventures, along with gruff old Badger and wild Mr.Toad are brilliant."



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